All About Cannabis Shatter 

Shatter is a form of cannabis extract that’s known for the cool appearance that it has, and it’s something that recently became popular on social media around the early 2010s for a good reason. It’s basically shatter wax and is unlike any other product that’s out there. It looks like stained glass, in that it’s not see-through, but not totally opaque too, offering a brittle look to it, with a honey and amberlike look to it that truly does have really remarkable tones to it. 

All about What Shatter is 

Chatter is basically a type of cannabis concentrate, which means that it’s a direct extraction from the plant itself, gets rid of the plant matter, and then you just get pure compounds. This is pretty much similar to the other kinds of concentrates out there. The extract then gets put into slabs that are like cookie sheets, and then placed in what’s called a vacuum oven which is a huge part of the process. It does use solvents like ethanol so it is solvent-free, but the extraction process does get rid of the ethanol, stabilizing this to a form that’s almost like glass, that actually does shatter similar to how crème Brulee does when you touch this with a spoon or other item. 

The consistency 

This is pretty interesting because the terpenes a ratio does determine the shatter consistency. If a shatter is more sappy as a form of consistency, this means that you’ve got a lot of terpenes in it.  If it’s more pulling and snapping, and less like tree sap, more like glass, this means that it has less terpenes. Some of them also do stretch like how taffy does, which means that it does have a pretty strong amount of terpenes too. If there is a lot of THCA in this, it also does have more crystals, or sugar as they call it, in this. Because of how absolutely brittle this is, it’s one of the easiest types of concentrate to use, simply because you can rip it with your fingers, add a little bit to your finger and then put it on the flower, or try dab tools made for this, since it’s great for making sure that you don’t burn your hand when attempting to load this. 

Ways to Use Shatter 

There are a few ways to use shatter. You can combust it, but it’s not the same way you would other concentrates where you roll it with joints or put it in bowls. It’s basically something you  crush up and then put on top of the bowl that you’re having.  You should not directly ignite this, so try to put it in layers, since it does activate the THCA to become THC before you can even smoke it.  So do a back and forth of flower, then shatter, then flower. 

Probably the most popular way though is dabbing. Dabbing basically means you inhale the concentrate completely, and through a dabbing rig or water pipe, it puts the cannabis on the surface of this, heats it up, and from there, you inhale the vapor that doesn’t have a top to it, pushing it into a mouthpiece that’s then filtered and it does get breathed indirectly. This is super popular because it’s very potent. For example, it’s actually five times more potent than the normal joint toke, and it gives you a huge high very fast. While not good for newbies, it’s something that can be great. These are two of the most popular ways to use shatter, and definitely deliver the results. 

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