All About Dry farming 

This is a type of farming that’s used in traditional agriculture, including cereals that does have major advantages for cannabis, and some people know about rainfed crops to cultivate, and this is basically farming a crop that doesn’t need to be directly watered by the grower, but it grows with rainfall r underground water sources too. This is usually something that’s used in the Humboldt county in California, since they usually use rivers to absorb the water within the ground to create cannabis that doesn’t need to be grown without watering them every single day. 

California has tried to fight droughts quite a bit and has tried to divert a lot of the water towards agriculture. They have tried to find solutions to water conservation, and some cannabis farms are using rainfed cultivation to grow plants. The results of course are encouraging, since this helps not only with them getting their complete cycle to get good colas that are filled with resin, but it works as well to offer a rich terpene profile with better qualities of flavors and aroma. 

Why Use This 

Humboldt country did popularize this because well, it’s not the best place to grow cannabis. It’s mountainous, right off the coast, with a cool climate that does have a bunch of fog almost all the time. Those used to heavy rains see this a lot in this area, and also it does have some other areas that are very foggy too, and one of the cities has the most canceled flights because of the fog there. 

The climate was not the only reason though people come here, but since the 1970s this is considered the mecca for cannabis culture, and this is because this is a place where a lot of people used cannabis in a way that helped create liberation, since even during the “war on drugs” period, people would grow this in discreet and isolated ways, based on the area of the terrain and also hid all of this from eyes that pry. 

More environmentally Friendly 

They also managed to make it a way for cannabis to grow in an ecofriendly manner. This is because, a lot of growers have managed to grow larger amounts of this. With the ecological footprint being a major part of growing practices, especially with water conservation and determining how much is needed, this has become such a large problem that a lot of the rivers and the ecosystem, including the population of salmon there, have suffered from this one. 

This has worked to help preserve the environment in a natural manner, where they can build the framework to help them grow. A lot of them have also started to utilize regenerative cultivation, utilizing biodegradable actions and products to help with reducing consumption of water based on irrigation. This Is also a good way to grow crops, especially cannabis, since it’s not as “thirsty” as some of the other plant species, and outdoor cannabis has the same water amounts as some tomatoes, and a lot of other plants including almonds, use a lot more water/. 

Dry farming takes the area around and uses that water to properly irrigate and grow crops. It’s a great way to naturally grow, and for a lot of plants, this is definitely something that works. It does need a high water table to make it super seamless, but irrigation is one of the most popular ways to do this, as it can offer you a great way to grow, and also help you improve your growing for a long period of time. 

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