Vertical farming with Cannabis 

When you try to grow cannabis inside, usually, horizontal growing is what people normally use, and that involves using trays that are rectangular or square depending on the room or grow tent, and the pots that are there are placed on each side. One grow light usually handles a square meter, and plants also get a “stadium” kind of shape, which means that it also gives growth to most plants on each side.

But sometimes that doesn’t always work, and vertical cultivation is actually really good for improving growth yields, that’s because when it’s done right, it increases the yields and maximizes your total efficiency. It’s a game-changer in terms of innovation, and they’re pressed upwards. It offers opportunities not thought possible with normal cultivation, especially for mature markets where it works to improve the amount of plants, reduces the amount of costs, and improves the space too. 

Less is More 

A big part of this is something that actually thrives on a lot less. This does involve putting them in vertical spaces or surfaces that slope, such as columns or even walls and different shelves, and there is a source near the center part of the layers there, allowing for more advantages of the area around, improving the yield, and getting the most harvest possible in the smallest of spaces. 

This method is a big challenge for those indoor cannabis growers since it usually involves control and different variables [present in the cultivation of outdoor plants. It’s something that isn’t advisable until you understand basics such as temperature control and pH, mastering this too. 

Vertical growing is pretty easy otherwise, and even hydroponic systems can benefit from this variable way of growing. For those with experience, it’s something that should be considered, since it does increase your total buds available in this, saving a bunch of time. It’s not yet changed the field of cannabis, but in a market that’s so vary high demand, it can improve the growth, especially for those that want to improve crop yields. 

Does it Work with Cannabis? 

It does, but it may involve doing things differently. One of the most popular ways is through the use of staggard shelves, which makes a hexagon or a square shape that creates a colosseum space. You want to have a light source that does light up the entirety of the home inside, allowing you to use a lot of space, and also increase the amount of light for every singles plant shelf. 

This is something which can be used at home, and you should make sure that the shelves do have a bit of an incline towards the inside, so the plants that are growing to the center get a lot more light and that in turn does save the space. This also works on flat shelves too, where LED growing lights get used over every shelf, and the plants get defoliated and punned so they’re kept short. They can even put the plants in different layers during flowering, but the plants are usually larger than some of the heavier builds too. 

Other variants include mobile racks, where they’re using rails and rollers, and this is something that almost looks like achieve shelves or even a collection near the library, making it something better and also saving a ton of space too. There is also farming, which is used for purposes commercially, and they also do use pre-fabricated wall systems or frames to hold onto everything as well. With the many differences, there are more ways to grow with vertical farming than ever. 

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