What do Hydrocarbon Concentrates do 

Cannabis is an ever-changing subject, and with the addition of newly discovered strains, flavored of edibles, even vape types, there’s new products that oftentimes require some changes. A big type of extraction that’s become popular is ethanol.  But, there are now new ways to make different concentrates. While MUV and Verano strain reserves are popular, another one has come down the pipeline. 

Verano Hydrocarbon Extraction 

This is a very aromatic type of concentrate, and it is something that does thoroughly get all of the terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids and other compounds in a way that’s gentle. This is actually whipped in multiple purges to disperse all of the different compounds in an equal manner. This is something that actually is similar to dry cookie batter. A lot of strains are becoming more and more prevalent in this and is considered an artisan way for you to actually have tis type of concentrate. 

Live Sugar 

This is something that’s also utilized to hold onto the high terpene levels, offering more flavorful extractions that provide full-body results for you., it utilizes microcrystals of cannabis or even microdiamonds, which has a ton of THCA in it, that offers heady highs. It’s pretty grainy, but it’s easy to dose. 

Why Hydrocarbon 

This is because it uses hydrogen along with carbon, and it also does include isobutane, butane, along with propane, or also a combo of each of these three. Propane and butane aren’t solvents in the way you’d normally think of these, but they’re generally safe when under a certain level. This is a bit different from normal ethanol, but the achievements are quite similar. It basically gets rid of the excess, only taking the compounds that help a person. This is something that’s still being studied and looked at, and multiple markets are getting on that, with different extraction methods that are tried and true, creating potent, really taste, and really effective extractors that do carefully and diligently offer the best benefits to a solvent too. 

Live Concentrates 

These hydrocarbon extractions also utilize live concentrates, so you can get it with the plant matter as well. Some concentrates are created using cured and dried flower, which is basically the flower you get from a dispensary that you smoke. Live concentrates are made with flower that’s frozen. Basically, once the plant gets harvested, you then throw it in the freezer. This preserves the terpenes in this, since terpenes can get pretty volatile otherwise, even if you’re curing and drying it. 

Freezing this helps keep this, and then, some people then do hydrocarbon extraction. Hydrocarbon extraction, after you flash freeze this, washes the frozen parts of the flower with the solvent, and then, they get rid of the excess solvent that’s there. Flash freezing the flower is probably the most complex and hardest step here, simply because it can be a challenge to attain this. You then wash the flower using a blend of hydrocarbon and solvent, washing it, putting it in an extractor, and then you soak this solvent. Once this is soaked, you then extract with the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, flushing this out and leaving the flower that’s washed behind this. 

The removal of the solvent also does require different types of steps. Some include the primary removal, which utilized closed-loop systems that don’t let the solvent touch the air. There is also passive removal done in a vacuum oven with heat utilized and is done quite slowly until this dissipates, leaving the cannabinoids behind once it’s there. This is pretty easy to do, and it offers some great diamonds. 

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